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About Us

Experimental Centre (EC) is accredited department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. EC provides experimental works in the civil engineering field regarding mainly static and dynamic testing of structural building elements and materials. Experimental works are performed in the specialized laboratories as well as in-situ.

EC owns basically four main laboratories. At first the technological lab is introduced, serving as a place for special concrete and cementations composites mixture design and its own mixing. At second there are three other labs serving as a place for its own testing. The biggest lab provides huge space for enormous large specimen testing. Another smaller lab is equipped with special floor which protects vibration to spread out of the room. This one is designed for dynamic testing and life-time fatigue experiments. The last one from our group is the smallest one nevertheless equipped with four modern climatic chambers able to load samples with temperature and humidity or perform salt-scaling resistance tests.

EC basically offers a huge range of experimental work to be performed through the entire spectrum of materials including concrete, steel, timber, glass, masonry and composite materials. Apart from the laboratories EC also deals with in-situ experiments regarding static as well as dynamic testing.

Accredited experiments are covering static and dynamic testing of structures. This includes also individual parts of the structures as well. Accredited experiments are covering namely the strength limits and deformations of the concrete elements, loading tests of masonry structures and loading tests of bridges. Testing of bridges covers basically dynamic deflections and dynamic coefficients, strains, stresses, accelerations, eigen frequencies and eigen shapes.

EC is fully open for the possibility of collaboration on research and development of new building materials and new structural elements. Thanks to our technological equipment and specialize training it is possible to perform a wide range of tests. Using our acquisition technique during the tests, continuous record of required changes due to varying load regarding forces, deflections, strains, stresses and deformations is possible. Conveniently changes of all mechanical properties indicated above can be supported with video output.

Experimental works have at the CTU in Prague long tradition which exceeds 40 years. Now EC is a modern and dynamic department open for new ideas and professional cooperation in research and industry.

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